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Below are our current protease-related job listings:


Postdoc position
UNIFESP-EPM, São Paulo Brazil

The laboratory of Protein Chemistry, Department of Biochemistry, UNIFESP-EPM, São Paulo Brazil offers a (01) Postdoc position related to the thematic project "Fragments derived from proteins with selectivity for inhibition of enzymes of mammals and micro-organisms and their role as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antithrombotic and antitumor agent: action mechanism". As part of its activities, postdoc will perform coagulation and aggregation experiments (platelet and blood) “in vitro” as well as “in vivo” experimental models of arterial and venous thrombosis. In addition, the postdoc will evaluate cytokines levels and nitric oxide (Magpix® and NOA). The candidate must have experience on characterization and purification of proteins and peptides, aiming at the samples isolation to be applied in the assays described above. The candidate must be fluent in English.

Required Experiences:
• Have completed a PhD in a maximum period of 7 years (fundamental);
• Knowledge and experience in animal manipulation and experimentation (fundamental);
• Knowledge about coagulation and thrombosis (fundamental);
• Experience in protein characterization and purification techniques (fundamental);
• Experience in cytokines and determination of nitric oxide (desirable);
• Experience of cellular behavior by intravital microscopy (desirable);
• Experience in heterologous protein expression (desirable);
• Written and oral communication skills.

Duration: initially 24 months, renewable up to 48 months, depending on results obtained and reports delivered every 12 months. The postdoctoral fellowship includes a monthly fee of R $ 7,174.80 (about US $ 2,300 and US $ 2,000) and technical research reserve (15% of the annual value of the scholarship, each year). For more details, check the FAPESP website: www.fapesp.br/en/5427.

Subscription: Interested in the vacancy should contact Professor Maria Luiza Vilela Oliva, electronic mail: olivaml.bioq@epm.br including: a) Curriculum Vitae (CV Lattes); b) a cover letter explaining the reasons for the interest in the project; c) two letters of recommendation from previous professors

Selection criterion: a) Analysis of the curriculum, regarding the academic formation directed to execution of the research project; b) interview (personal or via Skype) to be scheduled with each candidate.

posted 2018-03-15


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