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OUR MISSION IS - Research on Proteolytic Enzymes, their Inhibitors, and their Substrates has grown to the point where it has become difficult to keep up to date with the area. There has been an expansion in the number of meetings that specialize in aspects of proteolysis, and sometimes these meetings overlap. The International Proteolysis Society is charged with the following Missions:

  • To further the pursuit of knowledge in research on proteolysis.
  • To encourage exchange of ideas and resources in the widest possible sense by supporting a member-driven society.
  • To encourage scientists in training by providing travel funds for meetings.
  • To act as a center for the co-ordination of meetings on proteolysis.
  • To hold an International General Meeting every two years, on a rotating basis between the Americas, Europe/Africa, and Asia/Australasia.
  • To sponsor specialized workshops on topics in proteolysis.
  • To foster links between academic and industrial organizations with common interests in proteolysis.


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