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IPS Executive Council

IPS is proud to have a diverse team of experts from around the world elected by and leading our organization as the IPS Executive Council.  The President serves a two-year term. New councilors are elected every two years and serve a four-year term. 

Council Members - Europe/Africa

Council Members - Asia/Australia

Council Members - The Americas

Ex Officio

Past Presidents of the IPS Council

Bonnie Sloane: 1999-2001

Jennifer Rivett: 2001-2003

Ben Dunn: 2003-2005

Rob Pike: 2005-2007

Matthew Bogyo: 2007-2009

Hiroshi Kido: 2009-2011

Boris Turk: 2011-2013

Bob Lazarus: 2013-2015

Thomas Reinheckel: 2015-2017

Ulrich auf dem Keller: 2017-2019

Anthony O'Donoghue: 2019-2023

Past Webmaster

Christian Sommerhoff: 2006-2023

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