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Trainee Workshops

The International Proteolysis Society is dedicated to training the next generation of protease scientists in core protease technologies. Prior to each meeting of the IPS, leading scientists from our community offer two workshops on cutting edge techniques.


2023 IPS Workshops at National University of Singapore

IPS Workshop_edited.jpg

  • Hands-on Practical Enzyme Kinetics Workshop 

    • Instructors: Cho Yeow Koh & Anthony O'Donoghue

  • TAILS Proteomics Substrate Discovery: Data Analysis

    • Ulrich auf dem Keller,  Chris Overall, Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos

  • ​Determination of three-dimensional structures of proteins and their complexes

    • ​Jayaraman Sivaraman &  Choong Yeu Khai

Full descriptions of these workshops are available in the 2023 Quickcuts 


Volunteer to host a Workshop at the next IPS 

If you would like to share a technique at our next IPS Meeting, please let us know!

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